Camping near Bled - Eco River Camp 

ECO River Camp is welcoming nature lovers from all over the world to experience the alpine region and the way of river camping in Slovenia at a small, intimate, 100% self-sustainable campsite very close to camping Bled.

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The camp is offering amazing spots by the Sava river where you can camp with your own tent or a campervan, as well as offering glamping experience in high quality cotton bell tents and handmade super cozy wooden cabins. The outdoor kitchen with bbq allows you to prepare delicious meals in the midst of forest, the entire camp is powered by the energy of the sun, provided with large solar panels and the same concept is used to warm the water in the showers.

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At the end of a fun day exploring Bled, Bohinj or Kranjska Gora, grab a cold drink at the bar by the river, sit down by the fire and chat with other wanderers, where you will always hear an incredible story to share and a point of view which will turn your life around.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

It is an ideal place to stay for families with young children, and it can easily be found as the perfect stay for a romantic getaway. The beautiful river, the breathtaking nature that is surrounding the camp and the magnificent Lipizzaner horses will leave you speechless. The calmness you will experience from the very first second of your arrival will actively help you to re-charge during your vacation.

We are eager and committed to following principles of Ecotourism which for us means responsible travelling to unspoilt natural areas, maintaining and preserving the environment as well as improving the well-being of the local community. Our camp is located near lake and camping Bled. Camping in this area is really something special and unforgettable.


This location is offering endless possibilities and activities to spend your vacation – it doesn’t matter whether you want to rest and relax, enjoy sightseeing and taking trips or spend a very sporty / active vacation – your stay in the Eco River Camp is the ultimate decision to fit all of the above mentioned options. As mentioned, our camp is located near  lake and camping Bled. Camping in this area is very popular and many tourists from different countries come to enjoy vacations here every year.

We will be more than happy to assist our guests regarding any questions they may have. Additionally, other services and activities can be arranged and organized upon agreement for example one day or half day trips, rafting, canyoning in Bled, transfers, airport shuttles, bike rentals, hiking trips and much more.

We're a young couple who values and cherishes the incredible nature that is surrounding our beautiful region Upper Carniola. We are committed to add value and to contribute to the recognition of our beautiful and interesting country as an ideal vacation destination for camping in Slovenia, especially in the Alpine region, to the visitors from all around the world.

We speak many different languages: English, French, Spanish, Croatian, Slovenian.

If you are looking for camping in Slovenia, you are at the right place!

Self sustainable, solar powered camp

Maintaining the Ecotourism spirit we are highly aware of the benefits, as well as the compensations that come along with a self sustainable, completely natural and eco campsite.

One of the leading principles we follow in our camp is water saving and preservation. We are highly committed to educate our guests on water saving techniques.

The water comes to the Eco River Camp by two different ways. The first one is water from a natural spring nearby which is installed to burst out right next to the mutual kitchen area. This water is nicely cooled to refresh you on a hot summer day and it can be used for cooking in our camp.

Our second mission is collecting the water for the showers, personal hygiene and other activities one would require fluid water for which also comes from the same spring. The water is collected in a tank, which is of cca 30 meters altitude distant from the campsite. The water is following a 20 meters free fall which pushes it to the pipes and so we can use it later on in the showers, sinks, lavatory etc.

In our camp we are heating the water with the help of our biggest natural source of warmth and light – the sun.

Solar powered heating system heats the water above the shower facilities and is mixing it with cold one upon demand. This is the only camp using that system near Bled. Camping can be so much more interesting, when you are able to use that kind of things.

Besides the water heating aspect, another thing which is generated trough the solar cells is electricity. Therefore it is only granted in common areas such as kitchen, dining space and in the direct nearby of the generation station. In the mentioned areas you will be able to charge your phones, computers, photo cameras and other low energy consumption devices.

The campsites lightning network is entirely generated with the solar cells. Every accommodation unit has its own solar powered light, therefore the stay of our guests is comfortable, pleasant and enjoyable.





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